Friday, 18 January 2008

The Barnyards O' Delgaty

As I cam' in by Turra market,
Turra market for to fee.
I fell in wi' a farmer chiel,
The barnyards o' Delgaty.

Linten adie, toorin adie,
Linten adie, toorin ee
Linten lowrin, lowrin, lowrin.
The Barnyards o' Delgaty.

He promised me the ae best pair
I ever set my e'en upon;
When I gaed tae the Barnyards
There was naething there but skin and bone.


The auld black horse sat on his rump
The auld white mare lay on her wime;
For a' that I could 'Hup' and crack,
They wouldna rise at yoking time.


When I gaed to the kirk on Sunday,
Mony's the bonnie lass I see,
Sitting by her faither's side
And winking ower the pews at me.


I can drink and no' be drunk
And I can fecht and no' be slain
I can lie wi' anither man's lass
And aye be welcome to my ain.


My cannle noo it is brunt oot
The snotter's fairly on the wane;
Sae fare ye weel, ye Barnyards,
Yell never catch me here again.


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